Funded Startups

Investments as on 31st March 2019

In one year of it’s existence since July 2018, MAN has already invested in 4 start ups, most of them started by Kerala based entrepreneurs.

Start ups invested in, by MAN are

Sp Robotics, Chennai

SP Robotic Works is an institution to learn, build and showcase Robotics, IOT (Internet of Things), Image Processing, Virtual Reality (VR) and other next generation skills or education. These are some of the most sought after technologies in India and around the world. With an aim to upskill the youth of India, the course-work and certifications also provide an edge that is vital for showcasing what you can do in this world – paving a way to break into the world of the brilliant and smarts.

Clootrack, Kochi/Bangalore

Clootrack is the first of its kind platform, that discovers and measures brand perception metrics that matter. Clootrack does this with proprietary deep learning & AI algorithms based on proven mathematical models. Clootrack team consist of a data scientists, programmers and industry experts excited about immense capabilities of data and its impact in driving growth., Kochi

We represent the union of farmers. We represent the collapsing agricultural sector of our nation!!. We represent the suffering lives of farmers. We understand the poor customers who are compelled to buy the toxic vegetables and fruits by paying high price. We pity the helpless state of million people who are struggling to find out the natural sources of fresh and pure vegetables. Through this humble effort we are trying to connect the two sides of the coin. We will make sure that you will get pure non-toxic vegetables and fruits through FarmerFZ (Farmers Fresh Zone).

Btrac, Kannur

Btrac is formed by a group of entrepreneurs to focus solely on building skilled manpower pool, to bridge the gap between industry requirements and academy resources. Our professional team comprises of talented individuals that have been in the industry for years and bring 5 to 25 years of knowledge to the table. The organization provides consulting, research and development facilities for various industries. On the other side students can directly involve in these industrial activities as part of their academic project / internship and thereby acquire enough practical skills in a live production environment.

Investments in FarmersFz, Clootrack and SP Robotics, have been co investments with IAN and NAN.