Malabar Entrepreneurship Innovation Zone is a Non Profit Organization, with a sole objective of creating successful startup entrepreneurs having business proposals with a focus of applying disruptive advances in information technology to enable new business opportunities preferably relevant to Indian context thereby creating employment leading to economic and social development of Malabar.


Kerala’s commendable achievements in the field of education and literacy are not matched by the employment generation of the state, and the state’s rural unemployment is sky rocketing. Our main focus is to generate employment via promotion of business opportunities, by providing undisruptive advances for information technology preferably relevant to Indian context, thereby enhancing the socio-economic development of Malabar region. MiZone is a new pathway to tap the rural talents and utilize their potential for India’s growth. It accommodates incubators, accelerators and provide all the basic amenities required for the growth and advancement of startups. It wishes to create yet another peer group of entrepreneurs and succor them to accomplish their dreams.


The vision put forth by MiZone is to promote an open ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship by assisting small businesses and technology companies as well as students, by providing them with world class mentors, domain experts and industrial experts. In addition, MiZone offers a resource pool and infrastructure empowered by native angel investors and Kerala Startup Mission. It aspires an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration by attracting and supporting entrepreneurs, focused on the development and commercialization of local products and small businesses.